Perfecting the Science of Sleep.  We have an IntelliBed in our office for you to try out and see how comfortable the bed is and feel the difference!  To make an appointment call our office at 352-376-3600 or use the "Contact Us" page.

1-888-Gel-Bedz (435-2339) Be sure to use the the 10% discount code DavidLower380.

Why is sleep so important to my health?

Just like proper diet and exercise, restorative sleep is an important cornerstone of great health.
Great Sleep Can: keep our heart healthy, reduces stress, helps manage weight, boosts memory, reduces inflammation, helps us to think faster, and helps us to perform at our best!

Pillars of Healthy Sleep

1. Great Alignment/ Good Back Support
2. Superior Pressure Relief
3. Non-toxic Surface
4. Exceptional Durability

Superior IntelliBed Technology

The best alignment support
Up to 80% better pressure relief; greatly reducing tossing and turning
By far the lowest cost per ownership with 20-30 year life expectancy
A completely safe, non-toxic surface without off-putting gas

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