We are open to VOLUNTEERS every semester. We enjoy teaching and enjoy you being a part of our clinic. Volunteers are welcome from any department at a College or University. You are required to be at least 18 at the time that you begin.


Volunteering can be a gateway to becoming an INTERN. We accept students from the Applied Physiology and Kinesiology program as well as Bachelors of Health Science. We have student openings on a first come, first serve basis; however, interns are selected from volunteers only and are required to volunteer 2 semesters before the internship.


DPT and PTA clinical rotations are welcome at our clinic. We have Doctors of Physical Therapy that are willing and excited to teach you the clinic aspects of patient care and progress your knowledge. We are open to new school contracts. Please email us at gainesvillept@gmail.com to inquire as to the availability of your internship. We fill at a first come, first serve basis.


Welcome to the clinic! You are vital to our excellent patient care. Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: a cleaning list, shredding, laundry, cleaning tables, and assisting the therapists, as needed with exercises, as an extra set of hands. However, unless directed by the therapist, you are to never touch a patient. 

We begin filling semester volunteer positions December 1st, April 1st, and August 1st. Please contact us for those semesters on or after those dates only. However, not all slots are filled and some become available. There is a mandatory training for all volunteers the first Saturday after the semester begins. Inquire by emailing gainesvillept@gmail.com.

Volunteer time slots and availability are as follows (call to see what is available at this time):

Physical Therapy Times:

Monday-Friday: 8a-12p, 12-4p, 4p-close

Occupational Therapy Times:

M, T, W, F 9a-12p, 12-3p, 3-5p

Thursday 12-3p, 3-5p


Holidays where the clinic is closed: January 1, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Dec 25. All other week dates we are open (unless hurricane days) and expecting/requiring you to be present as a volunteer. Spring Break is considered an excusable holiday week for volunteers; however, notice must be given that you will not be present. Volunteering over break weeks is appreciated.


Please fill out the paperwork attached to the links below. We ask that you complete the paperwork, HIPAA training (print the certificate), and bring your CPR/First Aid certification (NOT REQUIRED) and ID with the paperwork to your first volunteer experience. Email the office at gainesvillept@gmail.com to inquire regarding availability and filling a volunteer position/becoming a volunteer/etc.

APK Internship

If you are interested in being an APK intern, you will be required to volunteer two semesters before your internship would begin. The first semester is designed to allow both of us to decide if this clinic is a good fit. The second semester is for you to become proficient in your duties prior to beginning a full time internship as an Exercise Specialist. We accept two interns per semester at our clinic. If there are several volunteers wishing to intern during the same semester, final interviews will be conducted to assess the best fit for the clinic.


Your duties as an APK intern will cover the duties of a volunteer, as well as:

  • Completing Exercises with the PT patients under direct supervision.
  • Assisting in running the wellness program.
  • Completing some administrative work, including electronic filing and scanning.
  • Other duties, as needed, to keep the clinic running smoothly.


If you feel that you can complete these and other duties well and would like to be a part of the Gainesville Physical Therapy & Wellness team, email the office at gainesvillept@gmail.com to inquire as to available volunteer and internship positions. The paperwork and HIPAA exam link are above and are required of interns as well as their paperwork per their respective Colleges.

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