Personal Training

What can Personal Training do for me?

Personal training by a PTA is a focused exercise program based on your desired wishes. Do you want to build muscle? Do you want to be better at a sport? Do you want to have help with a general strengthening program? Whatever your desire for strengthening and endurance, the PTA can design a program for you. They will utilize standardized measures to establish where you are when you start and demonstrate your growth using them as a targeted direction for training. Personal Training by a PTA is a focused exercise program based on your desired wishes to help you reach and conquer your goals. Call Today 352-376-6300.

What are PTA's?

A licensed Physical Therapist Assistant has an AA and a national exam to maintain a standard of knowledge. They are skilled in prescription of exercise based on the needs of the patient. A PTA is skilled to understand your underlying pathology and dysfunctions, any prior injuries, and any weaknesses that could be exacerbated with strengthening. They are skilled to devise and monitor your program with known health conditions and prior injuries. This is a large difference between a PTA and a Personal Trainer.  Call today 352-376-6300.

Why choose Personal Training with a PTA?

Our PTA's are under the direct supervision of a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is here to assist with any dysfunction that may arise. Having a licensed PTA under the supervision of a Doctor of Physical Therapy means that you will have a musculoskeletal specialist creating and driving your care. There vast knowledge about musculoskeletal dysfunction and disease processes means they can adapt your program for injury prevention. This will help reduce tendon, bone, and muscle injuries while reaching your goals. Call today 352-376-6300.

We can Help with Any Sport!

There are so many wonderful sports to try and learn. We are here to help with any sport! Many of our therapists enjoy several themselves. Our staff enjoy cycling, running, swimming, weight lifting, golf, tennis, pickleball, and many many more. Call today to get help with your sport 352-376-6300!

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