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Request an Appointment

We accept the following insurances:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Worker's Compensation
Auto Insurance
Others... Please call for verification.

Acceptable forms of payment:




Please come 30 min early to your first appointment to fill out the paperwork. We will get you checked in and make sure everything is ready prior to beginning the evaluation. You will also receive a document prepared by the Business Manager to help you understanding your insurance and patient responsibilities. Your first appointment should take about one hour but may be longer as needed. In conjunction with the evaluation, your therapist may perform treatments such as manual therapy and/or exercise as needed. Our evaluations are very comprehensive and look beyond the injury at posture, ergonomics, work, and other areas that may impact your daily life. In order to perform the most complete evaluation, please wear loose/comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes.

Wellness Screenings

We perform wellness evaluations. Our wellness program is open to those that have finished our PT, as well as those that would like to join our wellness program independently. Call today (352-376-6300) to schedule!

Orthotic Screening

We offer an orthotic screen to fit you with a high quality, custom to your foot, over the counter, orthotic. We offer trial periods as well. Call us today (352-376-6300) to begin your screening and fitting.


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