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Students Are Welcome!


We are open to volunteers every semester. We enjoy teaching and enjoy you being a part of our clinic. Volunteers are welcome from any department at a College or University.

You are required to be at least 18 at the time that you begin.

Volunteering can be a gateway to becoming an Exercise Specialist and/or Intern. We accept students from the Applied Physiology and Kinesiology program as well as Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Health Education. We have student openings on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, interns are selected from volunteers only and are required to volunteer 1-2 semesters before the internship.

DPT and PTA clinical rotations are welcome at our clinic. We have both Doctors of Physical Therapy as well as skilled and specialized PTA's that are willing and excited to teach students the clinical aspects of patient care and progress their knowledge. For more information, read below.



You are vital to our excellent patient care. Your responsibilities as a volunteer will include but are not limited to: a cleaning list, shredding documents, laundry, cleaning tables, and assisting the therapists with patient care. Most of these tasks happen in the gym area, resulting in constant observation of the clinical field and what hands-on therapy looks like.

Volunteer time slots and availability are as follows

(Call/Email to see what is available at this time)

Monday:           8a-12:30p,   12p-3:30p,  3p to 6p
Tuesday:          8a-12:30p,   12p-3:30p,   3p to 6p
Wednesday:   8a-12:30p,   12p-3:30p,   3p to 6p
Thursday:        8a-12:30p,   12p-3:30p,   3p to 6p
Friday:              8a-12:30p,   12p-3:30p,   3p to 6p

  • Please fill out the Volunteer Packet attached below and complete the UF HIPAA Certification. (Click the link and follow the instructions)

  • We ask that you bring the completed Volunteer Packet, HIPAA Certificate, CPR/First Aid certification (NOT REQUIRED), and ID with you to your first volunteer experience.

We begin filling semester volunteer positions on December 1st, April 1st, and August 1st. However, not all slots always are filled and some become available. Inquire by emailing

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DPT / PTA Clinical Experience

Clinical Experience

We are open to having your students complete their clinical experiences at our clinic as our skilled team of DPTs and specialized PTAs are ready and excited to help teach your students the real-world application of clinical physical therapy. If you are interested in using our clinic for your students' clinical experience, we are open to new school contracts.

Please EMAIL US  or call with any questions or inquiries you may have. We fill on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Skills To Be Learned

At our clinic, your students will learn multiple new skills, such as, but not limited to, the ones listed below

  • Manual Therapy Techniques

  • Joint Manipulations/Mobilizations

  • Creating Patient-Specific Exercise Programs

  • Improving the PT/PTA relationship and working dynamic as they each learn from each other

  • Learn the balance of high-quality patient care and proper and detailed patient documentation.

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Contact Rachel Lower with any questions you may have about Volunteering and APK student internships. Contact David Lower regarding future PT student internships.

Rachel Lower, BSc Kinesiology, CPT

Exercise Specialist 

Volunteer and APK Internship Coordinator

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