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TMJ Disorders / Face Pain

Do you have headaches?

Are headaches waking you up? Or are they worse at the end of the day? Do you have trouble focusing, performing your work tasks, or interacting with others due to pain? You do not have to continue to live with headaches. Headaches can be from the neck and head which can be altered and improved with Physical Therapy! Treatment focuses on improving mobility, and education regarding sleep/sitting/standing, foods, etc.



Call today to find out how our Certified Craniofacial Therapist and her team can help you feel better soon!

What Are TMJ Disorders?


Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is a category of pain and symptoms that identify pain in the jaw. TMD is a broad category. Your individual symptoms can be evaluated and understood. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are certified and skilled in evaluating you and looking at your symptoms as a unit. Your posture, ergonomics, sleeping habits, and overall strength will be assessed as well as your jaw, head and neck, and shoulders as all of these areas are contributory.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach will give you specific treatments based on your diagnosis and evaluation findings such as manual therapy (both inside and outside your mouth as needed), cervical strengthening, shoulder strengthening, postural cueing, etc.

Your exercises are not a set program but change as your needs and symptoms change to help you make the most of your treatment.


If you have jaw pain, Posture is the #1 thing that you can improve to help yourself now!

When your head is just 2-inches forward of the sternum (breast bone), you can place 3x the stresses through your neck and jaw. It is important to maintain good posture and have the strength and endurance to maintain that posture.

Call today to address your postural issues and see how we can create a specific strength program for you to reduce your pain!

Posture and TMD


Sitting Posture at Work


Call today and ask how we can help you set up your desk, including a chair recommendation!

When you are sitting at your desk, posture is paramount to reduce many areas of pain. An adjustable desk, tray for the keyboard, adjustable chair, and adjustable computer screen are very helpful in order for you to set up your area for the best possible position to reduce stress through the jaw and head/neck. This diagram to the left demonstrates a good alingment of how to assist yourself at your desk. Some larger corporations may have people to come help with your ergonomics, insure at your job if you think that is a possibility.

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