We offer an independent wellness program with Exercise Specialist oversight that was created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our Exercise Specialists are here to help you continue your strengthening program with assistance on the machines, equipment, and advance you as needed. In this program, you are  independent and work with other clients at the same time under the guidance of an Exercise Specialist. Wellness may help you feel more confident in returning to a gym or completing your gym workout here with assistance and progression as needed. Call today (352-376-6300) to get started!

Personal Training with a
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Many people are choosing personal training to advance their workouts, ensure correct form, and reduce the risk of injury. You can have personal training with Doctors that have at least 7 years of school specific to exercise physiology, biomechanics, and programs specific to your individual needs with medical understanding of your current conditions. Personal Training with our Doctors of Physical Therapy will ensure a safe and vigorous workout to meet your needs and wants. In order to ensure your program is specific to your needs, an initial evaluation will be performed at a cost of $150. Your program would be 1 hour, 15 min pre-warm up on cardio equipment followed by 45 min directly with the Doctor of Physical Therapy specific to you for $85. Call today (352-376-6300) to get started!

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