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Personal Training

Personal Training by a licensed PT or PTA

Most Personal Trainers are perfectly adept to assist you with general strengthening and mobility but are not skilled to adjust or create programs specific to you and your needs while taking into account your past medical history, prior surgeries, injury prevention, and/or unknown area of pain.


A licensed PT or PTA is trained in both personalized strengthening and is able to adjust your program to accommodate you and your medical history,  along with helping you discover the origin of your pain and giving you specific exercises you can work on both in the clinic during your Personal Training Sessions, and at home to help you continue being as active, safe, and energized as ever!

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Interested in Personal Training? 

Benefits Of Personal Training with us

  • A 1-hour One-on-One session with your licensed PT or PTA

  • Discussion and creation of functional goals we will work toward specific to you and your lifestyle

  • Each of our therapists has a variety of specialties to aid you in your fitness journey

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