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Prosthetic Leg


Physical Therapy Can Help!


Physical Therapy can help you gain balance and coordination of the limb, assist you with mechanics to reduce energy usage, and help you return to community walking.

Physical Therapy programs are individualized for your needs and assist you with your specific tasks and sports. We focus on one-on-one care with manual techniques and exercise programs designed to maximize your potential.

We will work closely with your prosthetist to maximize your outcomes. ​


What prosthetic is best for you?

Physical Therapists work closely with prosthetists to evaluate your needs and get you the prosthetic that will allow you to do the most you can. Our evaluations are thorough and collaborative to ensure that you get what you need throughout your care as well as with future needs and progress.

Physical Therapy is important to improve your functional levels assisting you in gaining the best prosthetics to help you walk, run, play sports, etc

What can you expect at Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy exercises are designed to assist you with steps, ramps, curbs, walking, and any other tasks you wish to return to that is within your grasp. We focus on balance training both the involved limb and non-involved limb to help you gain your proprioception of the new foot allowing you better placement and usage especially with above knee amputees. We focus on specific aspects of your gait that lack coordination and control to ensure proper usage of your foot (and prosthetic knee for transfemoral). Our programs begin before the prosthetic is fitted and end with return to function.


Return to Sport is a Reality!

Physical therapy programs designed to assist you with returning to sports are paramount for the best function. We will focus on goals and exercises that create awareness and usage of the leg, assist you with balance requirements, running, etc. 

Man with Amputee Lifting Weight

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