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What Is Sports Therapy?

Sports Physical Therapy is a specialty of Physical Therapy focused on helping an athlete heal from their injury quickly, become stronger than before the injury, and reduce the likelihood of the injury occurring again.  Sports PT is also focused on preventing injuries from occurring. Wrong techniques and movements can cause a traumatic or repetitive injury in the area. Sports PT will customize a program based on your mechanics and muscle deficits to maximize your performance. We are here to assist not only with your strength but also your cardiopulmonary needs as well to maximize your sport.

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How is Sports Physical Therapy Different?

Sports Physical Therapy is different from standard orthopedic physical therapy because it is tailored to the physical and mental needs of an athlete. Sports therapy, like our other therapies, is specific to you as a patient and will assist with returning you to your sport as quickly as we can. Our Sports Therapists are aware of the psychological, physical, and nutritional needs of athletes and are ready to assist you in optimal performance. 

Can I Do Sports Therapy to Learn a New Sport?

You can definitely call us to get started with Sports Therapy while you are learning a new sport. It is best to have a Sports Physical Therapist on your team of instructors in order to not create poor mechanics and bad habits but to learn the proper way to perform. Our team of Sports Therapists is excited to help you in your new passion and prevent injuries by teaching you healthy training, nutrition, and rest schedule for optimal growth. This will help reduce tendon, bone, and muscle injuries.

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