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What is the Wellness Program?

The Wellness Program is a cash-based program and is not covered by insurance.

Wellness is a program we offer to patients who have completed a formal Physical Therapy plan of care, achieved their goals, and want to maintain and make small progressions in their functional abilities.

If you are interested in joining the Wellness Program after being discharged from PT, your therapist will create a personalized wellness program specific to you and your needs. The Wellness Program is then directed by the Exercise Specialists and supervised by your therapist.

Benefits of Wellness

  • Scheduled wellness appointments that will last 1 hour

  • Access to the facility, equipment, and blood pressure screens every appointment.

  • Direction, guidance, and assistance from the Exercise Specialists to continue making you stronger, more balanced, and capable of completing daily tasks.

  • Supervision by your therapist and the ability to touch base with them as needed for discussion and continued education.

Do I have to do PT at this clinic to join the Wellness Program?

You do not have to have completed your physical therapy at this clinic, but you will still need to be evaluated by one of our Physical Therapists to assess your safety to exercises.

This evaluation allows our PT to create a program specific to helping you with your deficits. We do not give out "generic" programs, which is why we require the evaluation.

Interested in Wellness?

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