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Worker's Comp

You Have an Injury. Now What?

You were sent to the physician who verified your injury and recommended physical therapy.

Physical Therapy is using hands-on techniques, exercise, and other activities to help your body heal from the inside. Physical Therapy will target your tissues that have been injured and give you ways to help yourself get better. We will target our treatments to your specific needs at work and home to get you back to doing what you love.

What is Physical Therapy, and how can we help?

You have been injured while working

What is Work Hardening?

Work Hardening typically happens after you have finished formal Physical Therapy (talked about in the paragraph above) and need to have special therapy focused on increasing your endurance to work-related tasks.

Work Hardening is a therapy appointment that must last at least 2 hours and you will be asked to do many and multiple tasks related to returning to your job requirements.


You will be asked to come multiple times a week to prepare you for returning to your job description needs. Don't worry, you will be prepared and we will guide you through the program.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

What is an FCE?

You have finished your therapy and both you and your therapist as well as your physician feel that you are ready to return to work.

An FCE  is a job-simulation test that takes you through your job duties and gives scores as to the readiness of your body to return to your job.

This exam is 4 hours and will require a good bit of motion and work required to demonstrate your preparedness. Your therapist will discuss the process with you on the day of your exam


OccuPro is a research-based system to assess and score your readiness to return to work, based on your performance on the FCE.

We use OccuPro to give you and your physician a clear and easy-to-read assessment of your readiness to return to work. This greatly reduces the risk of re-injury.

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