Our Unique Approach

Our occupational & physical therapy approach has helped thousands of individuals and can help you get back to the activities you love. We utilize a specific approach to treatment that targets your particular injury type and creates a unique program based on scientific evidence of healing. Our programs focus on the stage of healing you require in order to reduce swelling, pain, and spasms while improving coordination, stability, and strength.

Our personal goal is to help you get better! We accomplish this by viewing you and your treatment as a whole person and not just the specific injury. Your treatment plan will be comprehensive including an overview of prior injuries, exercises, sleep, and work requirements. Understanding your chief complaint based on tissue specific injuries and looking at the impact your injury has on you as a whole, will directly affect the specific treatment program built for you.

Your exercise program is designed to not only return you to your prior activities, but also decrease the likelihood of future injuries.

We look where others have not!

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Update (1/12/21) Regarding COVID-19:

We are OPEN for Business

  • We have UV lights and ozone treatment in our AC unit, with the fans running constantly meaning closer distance is safer during treatment.
  • We are disinfecting every piece of equipment before and after every patient.
  • We utilize a hospital grade disinfectant on all equipment and surfaces. 

Masks are being worn at all times.

We are continuing social distancing as able . 

Treatments are varied to keep distance around the equipment.

Our goal is to continue care safely while maintaining CDC guidelines.

We are taking patient, staff, and student/volunteer temperatures every morning to ensure as safe an environment as we can.

We are here to assist and keep you out of the hospital as pain can be effectively treated with OT/PT.

Ortho Physical Therapy

Do you have joint pain? Find out more!

Occupational Therapy

From the shoulder to finger tip, find out how OT can help!



Do you have jaw pain? Find out more!


Are you having difficulty walking and returning to activities? Find out more!


Do you have difficulty with incontinence or other pelvic issues? Find out more!


Are you dizzy? Do you have difficulty with visually tracking on a screen? Find out more!

Praise from our Clients

"Therapists and staff are committed to helping each patient reach their personal goals for recovery.  Unlike other physical therapy facilities that I have been to in the past, GPT&W therapists are very hands-on and work directly with the patient throughout their recovery.  Therapists and staff are very knowledgeable and are educating their patients not only on how to perform their exercises, both at the facility and at home, but are also explaining how and why the exercises are designed to improve the whole body function.  It’s a great place to begin your path to recovery.  I highly recommend Gainesville PT & Wellness." - Nancy Gator

"Gainesville Physical Therapy provides excellent physical therapy with a knowledgeable and caring staff. The physical therapists design therapy programs that really work.  Therapists work directly with you, educating and training you on the hows and whys of your personal plan. They not only teach you how to exercise, they teach you how to move and adapt to your environment so you don't injure yourself again. The Wellness Program offers a way to maintain and to continue to strengthen yourself.  The supportive and trained staff are with you every step of the way.  It is a totally positive and supportive atmosphere.  You leave stronger, more confident, and most importantly with less pain." Beverly N.

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